MANAVA SEVA- MADHAVA SEVA Based on this Manthra we the Kallampilly Kshema Samithi formed Kallampilly Ganapathy Memorial Trust (KGMT) on 12/01/2015 and extended our service to the society. Intended to bring more opportunity to the online service people, we registered LLP Company Kallampilly Illam Online services (KIOS-IN) on 24/10/2020. It was a turning point for us through online, we found a core area where we need more attention, is the reason you are here reading this page on DEVASWAM.COM is a directory listing platform exclusively for Temples and allied services in India and abroad. DEVASWAM.COM have numerus data about Temples, Temple Priests, Temple Artists, Poojas, Pujaries, Astrologers, Pooja stores, regional stores, Traditional articles, Vedic, Vedic schoolers, Vasthu, Ayurveda and many moreā€¦ DEVASWAM.COM serves this information based on click-per-cost system for registered members with surprise rewards/cashbacks/ bonus on attractive packages. DEVASWAM.COM offers surprise rewards even though a first-time user, where a user never finds. DEVASWAM.COM have a vision to expand service more and more in this area. Your valuable suggestions and feedbacks definitely lead us to reach our goal-